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Squad Strikers is a roguelite turn based tactics game. Lead your team of four heroes through 10 procedurally generated dungeons, collect useful items and as much Substance X as you can carry and gain skill points to spend on the game's randomized skill trees. But you'd better go fast since the terrifying chasers and their leader, The Destroyer, are in pursuit. Current game features and flaws include:

I do mean those last three. This is very much an alpha at this point and has had very little playtesting. The first prototype version of the game (version 0.1.0) was made in seven days, so while it wasn't my original intention, if you're willing to overlook that it was the wrong week and to consider this a roguelike (it's kind of borderline in my opinion), it's a 7 Day Roguelike(original 7DRL version below for posterity/bragging rights). The current version, posted above is version 0.2.0 and a redone UI, a save game feature and some minor gameplay tweaks since the 7DRL version, but gameplay is mostly the same.

Major inspirations for this project were Fire Emblem, Wesnoth, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Brogue, Sil and the randomized tech trees from Sword of the Stars.

To see an abbreviated version of the changelog since the 7DRL releases, see here (a more complete changelog is in the git repository below).

Source code will be available here.

Upcoming Changes/Plans:

For prioritization purposes, I've organized my intended changes and possible plans into three phases below. All of this is of course subject to change, but these are my current ideas.

Phase 1 (Core Essentials)

  1. Save games (permadeath) [COMPLETE]
  2. Complete UI overhaul. [MOSTLY COMPLETE]
  3. Improved level generation
  4. First pass balancing. (very rough as game will still be changing radically)
  5. Non-permadeath mode?

Phase 2 (Additional Content)

  1. More enemy diversity
  2. Passive equipment
  3. More items
  4. At least twice as many skills as currently
  5. More classes
  6. Balancing
  7. Extend game to 20 levels?

Phase 3 (Crazy Stretch Goals)

  1. Dungeon features (Alter equivalents? Puzzles? Vaults? Minibosses?)
  2. Difficulty settings
  3. Unlockables? (No power-based metaprogress, but unlocking more challenging/advanced classes or difficulty settings. Would have an option to bypass)
  4. Optional special level objectives?
  5. Dungeon branches

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