Update on SquadStrikers – Plan for 0.3.0

After I finally got a chance to play-test the game and had my first external play-test feedback, I have come to the conclusion that even more than its bugs, lack of balance, poor presentation and general unfinishedness, SquadStriker’s biggest issue right now is level variety. It feels like you’re doing the same thing over and over (break the enemy line, rush for the exit). As such, my new highest priority for the game is to add in more variety to the level generation process (which is very simplistic in 0.2.0) and to add in different level objectives (so there’d be bosses, survival levels, etc.) I’ve started working a tiny bit on this and it looks like it’s going to be a pretty huge amount of more work and none of it will work properly until it’s all (or at least most) in place. As such, there will not be any small incremental changes for a while and then sometime in the future (might be a while because my life’s pretty busy right now finishing a masters degree and starting a PhD), there will be a very large update, followed by a bunch of smaller updates fixing all the things it broke, concluding in the release of version 0.3.0.

Introducing The Adventures of Jalal, a let’s play of CollaborativeGamer’s GURPS solo-campaign

A little while ago, I stumbled across a website, Collaborative Gamer designed to put my kind out of a hobby by teaching gamers how to play GURPS without a GM. No, but seriously, it’s a really cool project that uses a bunch of tables to simulate a GM. I’ve used it a couple of times to find inspiration in fleshing out certain details of campaigns. On the site, he has an example of using it to run a solo-campaign and it looks pretty fun. I’ve decided to follow in his example and do a let’s play of a game run using the system. Hence, The Adventures of Jalal.

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Greetings, all

I decided that I want to have a general blog in addition to my The Satchel War blog as I want to be able to post other things without cluttering that up. I don’t know what all will go here, but I will probably post things related to GURPS (a pen and paper roleplaying game that is one of my major hobbies), math (my vocation), the development of SquadStrikers (a computer game I am making) and some behind the scenes things from The Satchel War (a webserial I am writing. A lot of this will go in in it’s dedicated blog, however). Occassionally, I might also post musings on various topics as well, though don’t expect too much personal stuff, since I’m not a huge fan of spraying that all over the internet. There will be separate categories for each of these things. Also, there will be absolutely no update schedule. I will post things whenever I have things I want to post.