Second Chapter Up…Sort of

Update: I did some changes and I’m leaving it alone now. I’m still not entirely happy with it, but the copy that’s up is now the good copy.


So, I’ve been really busy with my master’s degree lately and so this chapter isn’t as well proofread as I’d like. I decided that it was important that I stick to the schedule I had posted, though, so here it is. That said, I will probably be going through it this weekend and doing a bit more proofreading. The story points won’t change, but I’ll clean up the writing. I feel somewhat bad for doing this, given that I’d like what I post not to change except when it really needs to, but I felt it was better than the alternatives (leaving it insufficiently proofread permanently or not posting it on time). Sorry about this.

Also worth mentioning is that I just changed the settings to allow anonymous comments. That’ll stay so long as it doesn’t result in a bunch of spam. If it does, that change will be reversed.

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