Chapter 3: Heist, Part 1

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Kat stood up as quietly as she could and slipped into her brother’s room. Hopefully, she could watch the intruder through the crack in his door. After a brief period of waiting, a woman came out of her room. What the fuck? The woman was wearing her black tee and jeans. Then Kat noticed that those were also what she was wearing. Fuck! Some sort of disguise based on security footage? Kat could feel her chest contracting in fear. It only got worse when the woman glanced in her direction and she even had Kat’s face. Kat tried meditating, mentally running over a mantra in her head, but she could hardly keep the chant straight. The woman turned around again and noticed Chris’s note on the table. After looking at it for a moment, she took it and a banana, she left Kat’s apartment.

Kat gained control of herself twenty blocks away once her sides started hurting too much to keep sprinting. It appeared she’d grabbed the merchandise out of the safe, which meant the other woman hadn’t. Kat whipped her emergency burner phone out and started dialing Chris’s burner. Continue reading “Chapter 3: Heist, Part 1”

Update Three

Hello again, readers. This chapter was difficult. I originally wrote the middle section in first person as Kat telling the story to Chris, but it kept feeling really strained and awkward. Eventually I realized that this was because Kat and I had very different goals in the storytelling: I wanted to tell a fun mini-heist story, while Kat was giving a panicked sit-rep to her brother and wanted to get him up to date as soon as possible. It turned out that the way that Kat would tell the story was neither fun to read, nor to write. As such, I had to retool the entire middle section and I went with a full flashback instead of an in-character retelling.