Update Delay…again

I feel really bad doing this twice in a row, but these last two weeks have been completely exhausting. In the last two weeks, I went to another country to find an apartment to rent and I started a new research project with a new supervisor (basically, starting a new job). Unfortunately, this has left me far too drained of energy and willpower to get a chapter up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it up soonish, but I just don’t know.

Chapter 4: Aftermaths

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Sharp splinters of pain pulsed from Gonzalo’s wound with each step he took. Since this was his second time this day, he had to override his safety restrictions to order a double hit of epinephrine. As it started to hit his system, Gonzalo assessed the situation.

Given his injury, the green-haired girl was running faster than he was, but he had a couple of advantages. “Robin. Intercept, please” he muttered into his mouthpiece. Robin was one advantage. The other was that he looked like a sprinting cop with a drawn gun. People were mostly ignoring his quarry but were clearing out of his way. Continue reading “Chapter 4: Aftermaths”

Chapter 4 Posted and Squad Strikers

Sorry everyone for the delay. Chapter 4 will be up in a couple minutes. This was the hardest chapter so far. It was long and there were a lot of pieces all with quite different strong emotions that needed to be communicated and juxtaposed. I’m not really sure how well it turned out, but here it is.

On another note, I made a prototype for a game. It’s called Squad Striker and is very much proof-of-concept at this point (even that name is subject to change). It’s a turn-based-tactics roguelite. Don’t expect much from it at this point. I do intend to actually make it into something good at some point, but it isn’t there yet and I’m taking a break from it at this point. You can read more, get the source or download the game here.

Update Delay

Sorry everyone. The next chapter will be a day or two late due to some difficulty getting words onto paper. That said, I think it is going to be the longest chapter yet by a reasonable margin. I could probably have split it into two, thrown a little padding in and posted the first half as my chapter today, but I think it works better as one piece. Sorry.