Chapter 4: Aftermaths

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Sharp splinters of pain pulsed from Gonzalo’s wound with each step he took. Since this was his second time this day, he had to override his safety restrictions to order a double hit of epinephrine. As it started to hit his system, Gonzalo assessed the situation.

Given his injury, the green-haired girl was running faster than he was, but he had a couple of advantages. “Robin. Intercept, please” he muttered into his mouthpiece. Robin was one advantage. The other was that he looked like a sprinting cop with a drawn gun. People were mostly ignoring his quarry but were clearing out of his way. Continue reading “Chapter 4: Aftermaths”

Chapter 3: Heist, Part 1

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Kat stood up as quietly as she could and slipped into her brother’s room. Hopefully, she could watch the intruder through the crack in his door. After a brief period of waiting, a woman came out of her room. What the fuck? The woman was wearing her black tee and jeans. Then Kat noticed that those were also what she was wearing. Fuck! Some sort of disguise based on security footage? Kat could feel her chest contracting in fear. It only got worse when the woman glanced in her direction and she even had Kat’s face. Kat tried meditating, mentally running over a mantra in her head, but she could hardly keep the chant straight. The woman turned around again and noticed Chris’s note on the table. After looking at it for a moment, she took it and a banana, she left Kat’s apartment.

Kat gained control of herself twenty blocks away once her sides started hurting too much to keep sprinting. It appeared she’d grabbed the merchandise out of the safe, which meant the other woman hadn’t. Kat whipped her emergency burner phone out and started dialing Chris’s burner. Continue reading “Chapter 3: Heist, Part 1”

Chapter 2: Gonzalo and Robin

 Previous: Katfall

Gonzalo slowed his breathing down to ensure those on the other side of the door couldn’t hear him and settled against the sides of the closet. He calmly watched the glow of the guards searching for him through his infrared goggles, also glancing at the feed through the hacked security cameras. He could see seven guards outside, armed only with handguns. So long as he wasn’t too close, his vest might allow him to survive getting shot.

The situation was this: currently, they couldn’t see him, but he could see them. As they searched, that situation wouldn’t last, so he had to act fast. Gonzalo carefully put down his assault rifle and drew his sidearm. It was more manoeuvrable and fit better in the closet. Hopefully, he would be able to shoot the closest three of them before anyone reacted. Then he’d either have to hope that the rest missed or rely on his suit. Gonzalo took a few moments to act out the sequence of readjustments he’d need to make without pulling the trigger – a practice round. He’d give himself half a second for each target – less and he’d be likely to miss; more and he’d be likely to get shot before he finished.

After all of his preparation, the actual event happened quickly. He replayed his series of actions again, this time pulling the trigger each time. The thundering cacophony of gunfire roared for a few moments and then he took stock of the situation. Gonzalo had been shot once just above his left hip, but according to his HUD, it was non-life-threatening. One of his targets was still standing and getting his gun in line, but several others were groaning and trying to get to their feet. It seemed his opponents were wearing vests as well.

Continue reading “Chapter 2: Gonzalo and Robin”

Chapter 1: Katfall

At the start of the twenty-first century, largely as a result of the invention of the microprocessor, the Wardens and the Seekers of the Satchel were poised for war. Both sides had been hoarding weaponry and expecting something to happen at any moment. However, neither side was ready to take the first move. It seems likely that, as argued by Langsville, “The methane stench of war was in the air, waiting only for a spark to set it off. There could have been no stopping it.” (Langsville 2089) However, were it not for the Katarina incident, war would have been delayed and it is hard to predict how much that would have changed the outcome. In this chapter, we will take a look at the sequence of events that triggered the war and took Katarina Hill from a common thief to one of the most significant figures in recent history.

―An excerpt from Twenty-First Century History, From the War of the Satchel to the Fall of the American Empire by Professor Trent Ortego

Kat scanned the busy street, looking for the flash of green hair. She saw it about thirty meters behind her and still following, in spite of the crowd. The intense midday heat meant that the two of them were the only people running, which made her a hell of a lot easier to follow. She felt sweat running down her forehead and actually noticed each heart beat. Kat forced a few deep breaths into her lungs, trying to calm herself down. She told herself that she wasn’t going to start letting her fear rule. This was her turf and no some security bitch was going to get the better of her. She took another couple breaths, breathing in the familiar combination of sea air, fish and sweat as she weaved around the meandering pedestrians. Continue reading “Chapter 1: Katfall”