Sorry everyone for both missing last month and now this month. My life has been super hectic lately – Over the course of two months, I’ve/I’m going to be visiting my hometown (for the first time since Christmas) while still working via the internet, finishing a Master’s degree, moving to another country, starting a PhD, starting a teaching job and writing (and studying for) qualifying exams. I just haven’t had and likely will continue to not have the mental energy to do this on a regular basis. I know that that’s pathetic when I’m only doing once a month, but at least until October, when my life should hopefully be settled into a new routine, I’m going to have to put The Satchel War on hiatus. Sorry about that.

Update Delay…again

I feel really bad doing this twice in a row, but these last two weeks have been completely exhausting. In the last two weeks, I went to another country to find an apartment to rent and I started a new research project with a new supervisor (basically, starting a new job). Unfortunately, this has left me far too drained of energy and willpower to get a chapter up. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get it up soonish, but I just don’t know.

Chapter 4 Posted and Squad Strikers

Sorry everyone for the delay. Chapter 4 will be up in a couple minutes. This was the hardest chapter so far. It was long and there were a lot of pieces all with quite different strong emotions that needed to be communicated and juxtaposed. I’m not really sure how well it turned out, but here it is.

On another note, I made a prototype for a game. It’s called Squad Striker and is very much proof-of-concept at this point (even that name is subject to change). It’s a turn-based-tactics roguelite. Don’t expect much from it at this point. I do intend to actually make it into something good at some point, but it isn’t there yet and I’m taking a break from it at this point. You can read more, get the source or download the game here.

Update Delay

Sorry everyone. The next chapter will be a day or two late due to some difficulty getting words onto paper. That said, I think it is going to be the longest chapter yet by a reasonable margin. I could probably have split it into two, thrown a little padding in and posted the first half as my chapter today, but I think it works better as one piece. Sorry.

Update Three

Hello again, readers. This chapter was difficult. I originally wrote the middle section in first person as Kat telling the story to Chris, but it kept feeling really strained and awkward. Eventually I realized that this was because Kat and I had very different goals in the storytelling: I wanted to tell a fun mini-heist story, while Kat was giving a panicked sit-rep to her brother and wanted to get him up to date as soon as possible. It turned out that the way that Kat would tell the story was neither fun to read, nor to write. As such, I had to retool the entire middle section and I went with a full flashback instead of an in-character retelling.

Second Chapter Up…Sort of

Update: I did some changes and I’m leaving it alone now. I’m still not entirely happy with it, but the copy that’s up is now the good copy.


So, I’ve been really busy with my master’s degree lately and so this chapter isn’t as well proofread as I’d like. I decided that it was important that I stick to the schedule I had posted, though, so here it is. That said, I will probably be going through it this weekend and doing a bit more proofreading. The story points won’t change, but I’ll clean up the writing. I feel somewhat bad for doing this, given that I’d like what I post not to change except when it really needs to, but I felt it was better than the alternatives (leaving it insufficiently proofread permanently or not posting it on time). Sorry about this.

Also worth mentioning is that I just changed the settings to allow anonymous comments. That’ll stay so long as it doesn’t result in a bunch of spam. If it does, that change will be reversed.

Hello everyone

Hello everyone. Welcome to the Satchel War. For those who don’t know me, my name is Deshin. I am the author of this work and a master’s student from the University of Toronto. While I’ve done some writing before, this is my first time posting it in a public venue. The Satchel War will be a science fiction web-serial and will update on the first of each month. I realize that this is not a very frequent update schedule, but I’m new to this and learning the ropes as well as working on my masters degree.

I hope you enjoy the serial and if you do take the time to read it, I would appreciate a comment. While obviously I would love to hear that you liked it, I would also prefer to hear that you didn’t (and why) than to merely hear silence. Ideally, keep speculation to the comment section of the most recent chapter you have read. To my beta readers who’ve read ahead, feel free to join in the speculation, but make sure that you aren’t spoiling things people haven’t had the chance to read yet.

If you don’t want to read me rambling, the Chapters category will be the story itself, the Soapbox category will be posts like this and the Extras category will be for character pages, side content, etc.

I hope you enjoy.