Deshin Finlay's Homepage

Hello. You are on my personal homepage. This is intended to be a central place for me to host any content (mostly creative) that I feel like sharing with the world. At the moment, there's not a ton up and this page isn't very polished. Sorry about that.


The Satchel War:

The Satchel War is a serial web-fiction work that is being written one chapter a month (on the first). It tells the story of a young thief in a near future setting who gets in way over her head.


Squad Strikers:

Squad Strikers is a proof-of-concept game I made over seven days in April 2016. It is very rough and unpolished, but is still a work in progress. You can read more about it by following the above link.


The Mysterious and the Mundane:

My general-purpose blog for my hobbies and interests. A bit bare right now, but it will have GURPS content, Squad Strikers development log and other miscellaneous posts.